Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Posted by Tyla Abercrumbie

The rule in the rehearsal room is that if your phone rings, you have to bring sweets. How great is it that the director’s phone is always the one ringing? I love it!

I love sweets, and so does our director, Anna. I'm looking forward to the next treat she’ll bring. She bought Garrett Popcorn the first time her phone rang. I ate so much I decided to help her—and help myself not to eat so many sweets. Now I call out to her as soon as she arrives, "Anna, is your phone off? I have no intention of gaining weight because your phone keeps ringing. But also intend to eat whatever you bring."

As soon as I got that out of the way, I discovered that Alden, our wonderful stage manager, likes to bring cakes to rehearsal. CAKES! There was an eight-layer coconut cake sitting on the table when I got to rehearsal today. I had cake for breakfast. And then John Judd brought cupcakes so good they just make you wanna holla!

I don't think they realize just how much I like sweets.

I think my cast members are trying to kill me.

Somebody help me!

Much love,

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