Monday, May 18, 2009

Go Behind the Scenes with the Cast of The Crowd You’re In With

Go behind the scenes with the cast of The Crowd You’re In With, an intimate and relevant new play from Chicago playwright Rebecca Gilman (Boy Gets Girl, Dollhouse, Spinning into Butter).

We also want you to feel welcome to respond—either to the thoughts of our artists, or your own feelings on The Crowd You’re In With. We'll see you at the theater!


  1. No one seems to be commenting on the theme of the play, that people have children for the wrong reasons or no reason at all, and that we are all doomed to be disappointed if we expect much of our offspring.

    May I comment as a very old (almost 80) grandmother?

    I rather wished there could have been someone at the end at least suggesting that there are actual benefits accruing from having later generations around. For one thing, life is a lot more interesting, and as all your other friends die off or move to assisted living, you have someone to talk to!

    Do young people feel more pressure to have children now than they did in the baby boom years after the war? I doubt it.

  2. What an interesting question! As a young woman approaching thirty, who just recently got married, I'm in the same stage of life as the main characters in CROWD.

    I'm sure many other women my age feel pressured to have children, but it's never something I have experienced. My parents, and my husband's parents, are very good about staying out of our business, and none of our friends have children yet.

    I always thought I didn't want kids, but have only recently started to realize that maybe I do want a family after all. My mother gave up her career to take care of me, so I always thought that if you decide to become a parent, that's just what you've got to do. And I'm too "selfish" for that.

    But as I've watched some of my female colleagues have children and continue working and accomplishing what they want to accomplish in life, I'm realizing that these days, it's possible for a woman to have children AND a career, and personal goals beyond her family.

    I think there is a generation gap to consider when wondering why Karen and Tom decided not to have children.

    Anyway, I would love to know how other people felt about this issue!