Friday, July 1, 2011

Scene and Heard

Happy long weekend everyone! While we're busy performing random acts of patriotism, the Chinglish crew will be at theater navigating their way through the tricky customs of modern-day China. If you haven't bought your tickets yet do so now; seriously, this show is selling out scary fast.

Meanwhile, here are this week's links!

Can the Mormons take on the Mormons? (Fox 13 Now)

Everyone talks about the separation between church and state, but what about church and theater? (OC Weekly)

The '60s through the eyes of Linda McCartney (London Evening Standard)

In present day London, a principal dancer with a background in drag racing dazzles at the Royal Ballet. (The Telegraph)

An iconic recording studio looks for the next great anthem. (Los Angeles Times)

The shifting standards of lewdness over time, as demonstrated in a painting. (The Guardian)

In New York, Central Park falls silent this summer (as much as it can). (The New York Times)

The New York Times
notices that Broadway is starting to look like a boy's town. (The New York Times)

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