Monday, April 11, 2011

Scene and Heard

As we frantically inhale our last few gulps of clafouti, here are some tasty theater links we've harvested from around the world wide web for your consumption:

Remember the Belarus Free Theatre? They’re still traveling around (current stop: England), and they’re busier than ever! Co-founder Natalia Kaliada recounts the journey that led her and the company to their current state of exile—and eventually sparked a fortuitous partnership with Kevin Spacey.

In the spirit of “making theater work despite external forces,” the Sudanese are experiencing a revival of theater after years of violence and economic troubles. Hooray!

Across the pond, some British actors are feeling a bit less holly-jolly about their government. Last week the government cut the funding for 200 arts organizations in London and the surrounding area. Never fear, Sir Patrick Stewart is here!

Up north, Montreal's Le Théâtre du Nouveau Monde is raising eyebrows with a controversial casting decision.

And back home, Seattle’s A Contemporary Theatre takes a new approach to subscription sales.

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