Friday, March 25, 2011

Coming Soon

By Lesley Gibson, Publications Coordinator

This weekend El Nogalar starts previews at the Goodman. There has been a lot of exciting buzz around this play—partially because it’s a brand new work from the brilliant Tanya Saracho; partially because it’s an adaptation of a classic Russian play (Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard) set in contemporary Mexico; and partially because it marks the beginning of a three-year producing partnership between the Goodman and Teatro Vista. Also, aside from all that, it seems like it’s going to be pretty awesome. I personally haven’t seen any rehearsals, but I have interviewed the cast and creative team and read the script several times. The play’s stage directions alone provide an intriguing glimpse of Saracho’s charm as a playwright: “Valeria’s been trying to make cabrito, she’s a little sweaty, wearing an apron. Trying not to be a hot mess.”

This week, in preparation for the first preview on Saturday, the cast and crew have been powering through tech rehearsals—long, slow-moving days in the theater in which the playwright, director, cast and creative team tweak the technical aspects of the production so that every cue goes off just right in performance. For a sneak-peek at this exciting new work, hop over to our El Nogalar page and explore the play from behind the scenes.

Above: Photo of Carlo Lorenzo Garcia and Bert Matias by Eric Y. Exit.


  1. I was very disapointed with El Nogolar. I left thinking and is this it? I also don't understand
    the necessity of so much cursing given the ages of the majority of your audience. I'm sure Lopez
    could have expressed his frustrations more eloquently.

  2. I'm sure if the Goodman catered its season solely toward "the ages of the majority of [its] audience," it would grow tired of performing On Golden Pond quickly.