Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Link Time

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy our findings from the wide theater web:

American Theatre magazine’s Richard Schechner explores the history of non-traditional casting, and I wonder: could future Scrooges take on a more feminine appearance? (We already have the gender-neutral nightgown.)

Speaking of Scrooge, the Goodman’s curmudgeon-in-residence falls in love again—with technology (sorry, Belle).

Stephen Sondheim and Frank Rich wear near-matching sweaters and meet in New York to talk Bernstein, new musical development, and Glee.

Gospel music, dance, and Langston Hughes: starting tonight, The Nativity is showing in the Goodman's Owen Theatre.

Around this time of year it’s easy to get jealous of the seasonal slumber of bears, but this video reminds us that it’s not all fun and games for our four-legged friends—professional stage actors in the animal kingdom have it rough, too.

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