Monday, November 9, 2009

An AWESOME First Rehearsal

Posted by John Babbo (Tiny Tim)

Hi, my name is John Babbo, and I am so excited to play the role of Tiny Tim this year in A Christmas Carol! I just turned nine and I am in third grade. In my free time, I really enjoy playing soccer, piano and violin. I had to miss my last three soccer games of the season, but it was totally worth it because I like acting better. (Just kidding, soccer friends!)

The first rehearsal was AWESOME! I met all the cast members and crew and they are really kind! We did a read-through of the script and I could already tell that I was going to have a lot of fun. I thought, Wow, these actors are so talented! They spoke with great British accents and were really in character. After my first rehearsal, I was thrilled and tired—and couldn’t wait to go back the next day!

The rehearsals are so much fun. My favorite scene to rehearse is the Fezziwig scene. This scene is a Christmas Eve party at Fezziwigs’ house when Scrooge was a young man. Scrooge was apprenticed to Fezziwig. I really enjoy this scene because there is so much energy—we dance and dance. Last time, we danced so hard that another cast member, my “mom” in the play, accidentally (or so she says) whacked me in the eye. I have been a good boy ever since...

See you soon!


  1. Hi! I look forward to seeing your wonderful performance. :-) Best wishes to you, always!

    Your friend,

  2. John,

    I am so proud of you! The whole YAW gang and I can't wait to see your show. Break a Leg!

    Take Care,


  3. You my boy Jon! Rock out kiddo and show everyone how we over YAW do things... on second thought don't do that :) . I'm really proud of you Jon. Break a leg


  4. Hope your not running too many laps around the stage at the Goodman... Break a leg John, all of the YAW directors are very proud of you. I hope they have recognized your awesome paper mache skills. Can't wait to see your show.