Thursday, October 1, 2009

Opening Night: A Series of Haiku Memories

By Molly Brennan

Joey Slotnick played
Frank Sinatra rendition:
No Business Like Show

Did anybody see
That handsome hatted fella
SM Intern Phil?

Jonathan Brody
Gave me a generous gift:
Tissue wrapped tissue

Ride thundering steeds
To hilarity's battle:
Paul, Scott and Christy

Watching from the wings
Mara and Tony rip it
Bam Clickety Slam

Thanks to the Prop Gods
From Molly playing Harpo:
A Farting Ladder

Charming Edward Kross
If your adoring fans knew
What a cad you are! :0)

Captivated, all
Your resounding tones and steps
O, Stanley Mathis!

Steve Scott. Santa Claus.
Have you ever seen the two
Inhabit one room?

Ora Jones down stairs:
Applause shatters Monday Night
Lady is a star

Never have I known
Such strong, quiet, smiling strength:
Thanks Old Joe Drummond

If Jessie Muehler
Ain't on Broadway in a year
Someone's going down

The real show happens
Back in the wings, Magicians
Make us look splendid

We missed you Bob Falls!
But we read your kind letter
Thank you for the ducks!

Work that chewing gum
Lift us on that tide of tune
Immortal Doug Peck

Henry Wishcamper
We'd follow you anywhere
We're at your house now.

Hey, Alden Vasquez!
You like Scrooge more than Groucho?
In your absence, tears.

At Petterino's
Spinning, funny, delightful
Servers make our night!

Chicago Stage Scene:
You were mostly all there, friends!
THANK YOU for your LOVE!!

Animal Crackers
Will all be on insulin:
Green Room of Dessert.

Katie and Kelly
Hit on by Europeans
At the after bash

As I remember
Exactly what did transpire
I'll update this post

1 comment:

  1. Molly (NOT Brennan)October 3, 2009 at 10:11 AM

    "If Jessie Muehler
    Ain't on Broadway in a year
    Someone's going down"
    Here! Here!
    Though I personally hope she'll stick around Chicago a bit so we can enjoy that wonderful voice a little longer... :)
    Good job on opening night to all!