Thursday, September 3, 2009

We Want to Hear from YOU!

Share your favorite Marx Brothers moment. The cast and crew of the Goodman’s laugh-out-loud musical comedy Animal Crackers share their own stories and want to YOU to join the conversation:

Joey Slotnick (Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding):

“I first saw the Marx Bros when I was in junior high school. My dad turned me onto them, and when Woody Allen referenced them I knew I was onto something. They are just plain funny—and complete anarchists! I'd have to say my favorite Marx Brothers’ movie is Duck Soup. It's the one I've seen the most times. But I also love Horse Feathers. Groucho has such an excellent song-and-dance number with all of the professors of the college watching him.”

Molly Brennan (The Professor):

“Gloria and Mike Stivic dressed as Harpo and Groucho for Halloween on All in the Family, and I thought Gloria was so funny. It was only when the VCR was invented that I saw Horsefeathers and Duck Soup, then I watched Day at the Races and Animal Crackers when I started working with 500 Clown. Now I’m playing The Professor in Animal Crackers—the part originally performed by Harpo Marx!”

Paul Kalina (Clowning Director):

“I grew up on the Marx Brothers. While I didn’t necessarily get the jokes, I heard my parents laugh at them, so I would laugh. That’s how I began to understand rhythm and comic timing and verbal repartee.”

We want to know all about YOUR favorite Marx Brothers moment! Post a comment below to share your story.


  1. One of my favorite scenes is from "At the Circus" with Groucho (Atty. J. Cheever Loophole) dancing and singing his way through a traincar loaded with circus performers. He's wearing an oversized magician's black coat and singing "Lydia the Tatooed Lady" : "'s Nadjinsky doing the's her Social Security numba ... !"

  2. My kids have been watching Marx Brothers movies since they were about 4 years old and have watched them over and over again since. (We have a charming photo of the three boys dressed as Groucho at ages about 3, 4 & 6). But my 16-year old told me that he had only recently realized just how verbally dextrous the Marx Brothers were. He was so used to thinking of them as just slapstick comedians, since as a little kid he just didn't get the jokes.

  3. I just recently discovered the Marx Brothers and I'm obsessed! I found Harpo's guest appearance on I Love Lucy on YouTube. It's hilarious!

  4. Is there anything in American cinema funnier than the Stateroom Scene? (Manicurist: "Did you order a manicure?" Groucho: "No. C'mon in.") Well, yes there isa funnier scene: it's the "and two hardboiled eggs" routine that precedes the Stateroom Scene.

  5. I was introduced to the Marx Brothers at 2AM on a Saturday night in the late 60's, being awakened by my older sister's laughter from the bedroom next to mine. I crept into her room and she said, "You gotta SEE these guys! They're REALLY funny!" I've been hooked ever since!

    Seeing the show at the Goodman on Sunday night (9-20-09), was like going back in time, imagining what it was like to see the REAL Brothers on Broadway! Thank you SOOOOOO much for staying true to their character! Joey, your Groucho was spot-on!!

    Truly, the BEST night I've spent at the theatre in a LONG time!! THANKS!!