Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Animal Crackers Rehearsal Began Today!

Hooray for Captain Spaulding!

When a celebrated painting goes missing from Mrs. Rittenhouse's fancy house party in honor of African explorer Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding, her guests set out to find the thief in a series of madcap antics and exploits. Based on the original Marx Brothers' Broadway hit and film classic, the Goodman's contemporary adaptation of Animal Crackers is an outrageous rollicking, laugh-out-loud musical comedy.

Rehearsals began TODAY!

(l to r) Molly Brennan (The Professor/Harpo), Jonathan Brody (Emanuel Ravelli/Chico), Ed Kross (Horatio Jamison/Zeppo) and Joey Slotnick (Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding/Groucho)

(l to r) Jonathan Brody (Emanuel Ravelli/Chico), Stanley Wayne Mathis (Hives/Roscoe W. Chandler) and Molly Brennan (The Professor/Harpo)

(l to r) Tony Yazbeck (Wally Winston/M. Doucet) and Mara Davi (Arabella Rittenhouse/Mrs. Whitehead)

Photos by Eric Y. Exit.

Want to see more photos of the talented cast in rehearsal? Click here!

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  1. This looks FANTASTIC!!! I can't wait!