Friday, July 17, 2009

A True Gift

Posted by Elizabeth Ledo (Flora/Eve in Boleros for the Disenchanted)

We are approaching our final week of the Boleros run. This has been an incredible experience and the audiences have been just wonderful. Joe Minoso (who plays Eusebio/Oskar) and I walk back to our dressing rooms every night after the curtain call and just shake our heads saying, "We are so lucky to get to do what we do."

Near the end of the play, Joe and I are standing behind the scrim dressed in our clothes from Act One. As we wait to be revealed in the play’s final moment, we can really hear how the audience takes in the last three minutes of the play which are, in my opinion, fiercely moving. Feeling the audience experience all they go through in those final moments is nothing less than awesome. There is an overwhelming surge of emotion, and Joe and I just look at each other and smile and share our thanks to the universe. It will be one of the moments I will miss the most.

I am really going to miss this group. I have been thinking about that as the last performance approaches; I know from experience how fast the final week flies. I have been very lucky in my career to have been part of casts that grow into mini families. Sure, there are sometimes black sheep, but for the most part I have truly been blessed with tight, good-natured casts. This is indeed one of those casts, and I will miss them all. We have wonderful playfulness off-stage that keeps the spirit and energy up on stage, especially on two-show days and during the long haul of a five-show weekend.

I have so enjoyed going to work these last two months. It’s been a true gift.

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