Thursday, June 25, 2009

All in Five Weeks

Posted by Elizabeth Ledo (Flora/Eve in Boleros for the Disenchanted)

We are at the mid-point of the preview process with Boleros and it has been very exciting. It is such a gift to be able to have close to a dozen previews before the official opening because you learn SO much from the audiences. We have made some small—and some big—changes this week because of what we have learned. I always enjoy thinking back to the first few previews when I am about to close a show and musing about how much it has blossomed.

The audiences have been truly lovely and the show is getting a nice reception. We were all so exhausted Sunday night due to the arduous tech week, and yet the audience was on their feet at the end of the show. Last night many of us remarked that we felt a bit “wonky” and attributed this feeling to getting back on our feet after a couple days off, but my friends in the audience said that the show was solid. You just never know!

We are meeting today for a few hours of rehearsal before our fifth preview performance and I think it may be our last called rehearsal. It goes so fast! It really feels like yesterday that I met this lovely cast and we sat down and read the play out loud together for the first time. Now we are sharing the whole thing with close to 700 people a night. All in five weeks!



  1. My wife and I saw the play yesterday. It was beautiful. Though I am not Puerto Rican, there is much in this play that reminds me of my own parents, who were approximate contemporaries to the playwright's parents.
    Why was there not more in the playbill? I had to go online and read about other productions.
    Why aren't people making comments?
    You all did amazing jobs in your double roles.

  2. thank you so much for this blog. it's great to get a peek of the productions from backstage. particularly from the actors.

    great performances!