Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rouw siert Electra (Mourning Becomes Electra)

Toneelgroep Amsterdam made their Chicago debut last night with their provocative production of Rouw siert Electra (Mourning Becomes Electra).

Are you going to the show, or have you just come back from a performance?

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  1. As a Flemish person, I was excited to go to a play in Dutch and I was not disappointed. The actors bring a new realism to the dialogue. These Amsterdammers are innovative. Recommended.

  2. This play was brilliant and I wish I could see it again. I was especially impressed by the physical work of the actors (hinted at by the photo above). The trilogy is a melodrama and Toneelgroep brought the intensity necessary to make melodrama seem the very best way to tell this brutal story.